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Like every one else, I don’t enjoy the technical interview process but totally understand why it is important to evaluate and find good engineers. Here’re my tips to make the process less painful. I also write for Uniqtech , check out Uniqtech’s article on machine learning resumes. The article explains which projects, skills, educations to include. Y Sun plans to publish with Uniqtech a series of technical interview problems and solutions, pseudo codes very soon. This article focuses on intro level general tips. Also check out the 5 step interview framework.

Technical Interview Strategies and Tips for Developers

  • Most important…

Reasons why your paid ads are not showing. First rule it is important that you are putting out legit advertisements that pertain to community guidelines on both sites. This article addresses some of the hard to spot, hard to trouble shoot issues. On either ad platform, you cannot imply or mislead that Facebook or Google approves of your product. Here’s an unofficial guide to troubleshoot, based on my personal experience.

Disclaimer: all our articles are for personal references only, they are not professional advice, not meant to be for commercial nor production use. They are not for business use, regardless…

Due to stay-at-home orders :( I finally have time to compile my notes from the eventful Pytorch developer conference from 2019, only the second Pytorch conference so far. 2020 is a big year for Pytorch there are many big developments. Why re-visiting dev conf in 2019? It is still relevant — the current Pytorch version (1.4) is closely built on what was released at the conference (1.2 1.3). Learning from the recent event also helps us prepare for deep learning using Pytorch in 2020, and hopefully a developer conference at the end of the year. Wish you all good health…

In your Machine Learning Engineering Nanodegree (version 4.0) you will be asked to request limit increase for the ml.p2.xlarge instance. The screenshot unfortunately does not show the best steps to achieve this. You may get a ResourceLimitExceeded error. Use this one page guide to resolve the issue.


  • How to request limit increase for ml.p2.xlarge
  • What is EC2 P2 what is Amazon SageMaker ml.p2.xlarge?
  • How to fix the ResourceLimitExceeded Error

How to request limit increase for ml.p2.xlarge

First of all, this is a manual process for a reason. You should only request this if you know exactly what you are doing or following a tutorial closely. …

Adding a personal touch

The best capstone project gives a brief intro about why this project is relevant to the world as well as relevant to the author on a personal level. After a while, all the capstone projects start to look similar, the ones with meaning and goals really stand out. Remember the hobbyist who is a son of a cucumber farmer in Japan? Because there are so many types of cucumbers, who would have thought, that look very similar, he invented a Tensorflow based cucumber sorter for his boutique, family farm of many generations. Bizarre story, very meaningful, very memorable. …

Here’s a list of articles that I recommend for my mentees for the Udacity digital marketing nanodegree. Marketing is changing rapidly! It’s good to know what’s big before it gets HUGE. When I first joined Google Adsense, I had no idea how big Google marketing will get. If I had known, I would pay more attention to community guidelines and policies (Google bans advertiser and publishers easily). What is trending? There are some classics, must-haves, and some familiar terms like influencers, but there are many new ones: Google SEO page 0? How to rank on page 0 of Google SEO…

Part 1: Lessons learned from Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree.

Digital Marketing Tools and Platforms

Udacity partners with a list of impressive digital marketing tools and platforms to give digital marketing nanodegree DMND students real world technical experiences.

Udacity digital marketing nanodegree partners and tools
  1. HubSpot
    HubSpot develops and markets software for inbound marketing and sales. Udacity and HubSpot partnered to develop the ‘Content Marketing’ course.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the leading provider of social media management software. Udacity and Hootsuite partnered to develop the ‘Social Media Marketing’ course.

3. Facebook

Facebook, which also owns Instagram, is the most popular social media platform, and also one of the biggest advertising…

Post underconstruction. It is intended for my mentees in the Udacity machine learning nanodegree and data science nanodegree. Any one taking the MLND may find it useful.

Core Concepts, Learning Goals of This Project

  • Collect, clean and process data. Preprocessing data
  • Doing exploratory data analysis (EDA)
  • Scikit Learn API import, init, fit, predict, and score
  • Build a machine Learning pipeline
  • Slicing and dicing dataset using train_test_split and sample size
  • Establish a benchmark for a solution to the problem
  • Try and test performance of several supervised learning models
  • Try several different supervised learning models
  • Evaluate models and solutions

Project Rubric and Project Submission

Before you start note that the all Udacity projects are…

Use this article as a notebook, a reference guide to the nanodegree video content.


RNN one way to incorporate memory. Sequential. RNN tempo dependencies, generate captions, having memories, as opposed to feed forward NN (only current input). Best analogy from a single image hard to tell if a picture of a cat is moving. Single image is current input, a series of images that form a gif is temporal data. Temporal dependencies. Non linear functions.

Simple RNN Elmam Net

Feed forward nets are limited — unable to capture temporal dependencies. …

This article is transcribed from the Youtube webinar I did, linked below. It’s a high level tutorial, walkthrough for Project 1 Bike Share Project for the Udacity Deep Learning Nanodgree. I am in the Facebook Pytorch Scholarship so I may be using some terminologies like Slack channel, that may not apply to all Udacity students.


  • Anaconda environment setup. Manage anaconda environments. Tricks and tips.


Links and slides (link here)

Youtube Video 1 hour 40 minutes (link here) the webinar is super long. That’s why it is being transcribed for easy reading and consumption :) The first 20 minutes is mostly…

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